Power Supply Outlook Update

A snapshot of Northwest power supply and electricity demand

Columbia River Runoff volume forecast

Updated biweekly between December and July

January to July runoff at the Dalles Dam is at 97% of the 30-year average from 1981-2010.

For more narrative information, see the National Weather Service Northwest River Forecast Center. For more data including runoff history, see BPA Hydrology.

Figures in million acre-feet Low Avg High
Current forecast (2016-05-28) 98
30-year history (1981-2010) 53 101 159

Reservoir elevations and flows

Updated daily

Elevations for major U.S. reservoirs

Data for
Normal Full
Pool (ft)
Avg 05/27 Elevation (ft)
for last 10 years
Hungry Horse 3547.6 3561.0 3533.3
Libby 2417.5 2459.0 2413.9
Grand Coulee 1269.3 1290.0 1258.5
Dworshak 1589.0 1600.0 1569.5
courtesy of U of W's DART program

River flow at key Lower Snake and Columbia dams

Data for
Avg 05/27 Outflow (kcfs)
for last 10 years
Lower Granite 69.9 110.8
The Dalles 211.7 311.1
courtesy of U of W's DART program

Power flow in and out of the region

Updated daily (current period 28APR16-27MAY16)

This shows how much average power has been imported and exported in the last 30 days.

For more information, see Bonneville's intertie analyses

IntertieAvg power flowDirection
California (AC+DC) mw export to California
Canada (BC) mw export to Canada
Total 0 mw export

Acronyms and glossary

  • DSI - Direct Service Industry, like aluminum processors
  • intertie - high-voltage transmission lines connecting the Northwest to other regions
  • KCFS - thousand cubic feet per second
  • load - demand
  • MAF - million acre-feet
  • MW - megawatt
  • NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service
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