Power Supply Outlook Update

A snapshot of Northwest power supply and electricity demand

Columbia River Runoff volume forecast

Updated biweekly between December and July

January to July runoff at the Dalles Dam is at 84% of the 30-year average from 1981-2010.

For more narrative information, see the National Weather Service Northwest River Forecast Center. For more data including runoff history, see BPA Hydrology.

Figures in million acre-feet Low Avg High
Current forecast (2015-01-28) 85
30-year history (1981-2010) 53 101 159

Reservoir elevations and flows

Updated daily

Elevations for major U.S. reservoirs

Data for
January 28
Normal Full
Pool (ft)
Avg Jan 28 Elevation
for last 10 years (ft)
Hungry Horse 3540.5 3561.0 3534.2
Libby NA 2459.0 NA
Grand Coulee 1277.1 1290.0 1279.6
Dworshak 1544.6 1600.0 1531.4
courtesy of U of W's DART program

River flow at key Lower Snake and Columbia dams

Data for
January 28
Daily Outflow
Avg Jan 28 Outflow
for last 10 years (kcfs)
Lower Granite 38.6 30.1
The Dalles 189.4 156.0
courtesy of U of W's DART program

Power flow in and out of the region

BPA power flow data temporarily unavailable.

Acronyms and glossary

  • DSI - Direct Service Industry, like aluminum processors
  • intertie - high-voltage transmission lines connecting the Northwest to other regions
  • KCFS - thousand cubic feet per second
  • load - demand
  • MAF - million acre-feet
  • MW - megawatt
  • NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service
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