Recommendations on a Mainstem Plan for the Fish and Wildlife Program

This spring the Council requested recommendations on the development of a mainstem plan for the Council's Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.

As stated in the 2000 Fish and Wildlife Program amendments adopted last fall, "This plan will develop standards for systemwide coordination, such as flow regimes, spill, reservoir elevations, water retention times, passage modifications at mainstem dams, and operational requirements to protect mainstem spawning and rearing areas."

The Council is inviting public comment on the recommendations through August 1, 2001. It may be helpful to review the 2000 Fish and Wildlife Program for background information and to understand the context for comments on the mainstem plan recommendations.


From No.
Bonneville Power Administration 04
Colville Confederated Tribes 10
Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority 09
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission 01
Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association, Eastern Oregon Irrigators Association, and Northwest Irrigation Utilities 17
Idaho Department of Fish and Game 14
Idaho Water Users Association 19
Minor, Allan Vernon 20
Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks 12
National Marine Fisheries Service 08
Nespelem Valley Electric Cooperative 18
Northwest Resource Information Center 21
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 05
PNGC Power 15
Public Power Council 02
Save Our Salmon 03
Spokane Tribe of Indians 13
The Northwest Energy Coalition 11
United States Army Corps of Engineers 22
United States Environmental Protection Agency 07
Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation 16
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 06
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