2010 Wildlife project review

Reviews and narrative for proposal 200600500: Asotin Creek Wildlife Area O&M (Schlee Acquisitions)

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ISRP final recommendation: Meets Scientific criteria? Yes (Qualified)

The ISRP thanks the Agency for responding to our requests for the grazing plan and the explanation for maintaining the agricultural fields on the property. The ISRP qualifies its recommendation with an explicit expectation that results of monitoring vegetation and wildlife response to grazing will be included in the next review cycle.

from May 19, 2009 ISRP 2009-17 report

Sponsor response to ISRP preliminary review

200600500 Asotin ISRP response.doc
Final 2009 Pilot Grazing Plan.pdf
20090406-Wildlife Area Report.pdf

ISRP preliminary recommendation: Meets scientific criteria? Response requested

The reviewers request: a) A clear justification for maintaining the agricultural fields. b) More details on how they plan to restore habitat. They mention replanting native plants. Please provide some methodological detail about this restoration. For example, what plants seeds will be used? c) A better link among objectives, work elements, and M&E. The objectives need to be more detailed. For example, please describe in greater detail in the M&E section where and when you will sample the vegetation using vegetation sampling points. We would like to see an example of a grazing plan if cattle are going to be managed on the Project. d) That any M&E work completed since 2004 be summarized, including bird surveys, elk counts, deer counts, sheep counts, vegetation response to plantings/restoration, and weed control efforts.

from Mar 26, 2009 ISRP 2009-7 report