2010 Wildlife project review

Reviews and narrative for proposal 199206102: Albeni Falls Wildlife Mitigation - Kalispel Tribe

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ISRP final recommendation: Meets Scientific criteria? Yes

Same ISRP comments as on 199206100. The project proponents provided focused, clear answers to our questions.

from May 19, 2009 ISRP 2009-17 report

Sponsor response to ISRP preliminary review

199206102Albeni Falls Wildlife Capital and Kalispel O-M ISRP response.pdf

ISRP preliminary recommendation: Meets scientific criteria? Response requested

The narrative is nearly identical to 199206100, except this project centers in Pend Oreille subbasin and includes some management activities. The proposal included well-crafted sections on technical justification, program significance, and project relationships. The project history section described past work, and individual projects are described in the project reports. However, the only data shown was change in HUs on one parcel. Generally no monitoring data were presented, although digging into linked reports reveals that monitoring was done in 2004. In the future, the ISRP request a summary of the monitoring data collected since 2002 and identification of the linkages between previous data collection and the proposed UWMEP plan. Information on criteria for prioritizing and identifying potential projects would also be useful. HEP can be used as a tool for crediting but not for effectiveness monitoring. A response is requested on the following: 1. Provide a summary and interpretation of monitoring data collected prior to 2008. 2. How will data from the new monitoring plan (UWMEP) that began in 2008 be integrated with data collected in the past? The ISRP asks that the authors to provide details on where this data is stored.

from Mar 26, 2009 ISRP 2009-7 report