2021 Power Plan Specific Information

We will post work the NGAC has reviewed as part of developing the next power plan here and on the 2021 Power Plan Technical Page. Check recent meeting agendas for presentation material related to supply curves, etc...
See also presentations and related material shown at our monthly Council meetings.

Natural Gas and Other Fuels Workbooks and Data (03/2021)
- please contact Steve Simmons with any questions

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the 2021 Power Plan (pptx) (12/04/2020)

  • Staff Recommendation on Upstream Methane for 2021 Power Plan (05/01/2020)
    • Paper on Approach on Upstream Methane Emissions & Power Planning (Updated 05/01/2020)
    • Data on Methane (xlsx) (05/01/2020)


The Natural Gas Advisory Committee (NGAC) was created to help the Council determine appropriate forecasts of fuel prices for use in its planning.  The NGAC brings together representatives from natural gas utilities, marketers, pipelines, consultants, public interest groups, electric utilities, and others to discuss fuel market conditions.  The NGAC reviews and provides advice on Council fuel price forecasting assumptions and models for natural gas, oil, and coal.  The NGAC also provides an opportunity for coordination and information exchange between electric utilities and natural gas utilities and related businesses and interests.

The NGAC is chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.  Its members are appointed by the Council.  Specific members can be solicited by the Council or membership can be voluntary in response to requests for membership.  NGAC meetings are open to the public.