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Yakima Subbasin Actions (draft)

This list includes current and proposed actions submitted to the Council during the 2009 Fish and Wildlife Program Amendment process, which may not match's current list of projects.
Also see actions not currently associated with given limiting factors.

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Recommended ActionProject Number Or OtherRecommended ByRPAsWork elementsAquatic Limiting Factors Associated
Actions associated with one or more limiting factors
Yakama Reservation Watersheds Project199603501 YIN (LRT MOA) 35, 50, 5617 elements21
YKFP Management, Data, Habitat198812025 YIN (LRT MOA) 359 elements17
Teanaway Watershed - Protect critical habitat from development, reduce water temperatures and increase instream flows, restore habitat forming processes in the floodplain.200711200 FCRPS BiOp 356 elements12
Yakima River Basinwide Tributary/Passage & Flow200739800 FCRPS BiOp 35, 7214 elements10
Yakima River Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for Hatcheries and Acclimation Sites-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)199701325 YIN (LRT MOA) 5 elements9
Yakima/Naches coho - nutrient supplementation 200845900 YIN (LRT MOA) 9
Yakima coho production facility and marking200846500 YIN (LRT MOA) 9
Yakima fall Chinook - JDM move 1.7M URBs from PR to Prosser200846600 YIN (LRT MOA) 1 element9
Yakima steelhead - acclimation facilities 200846700 YIN (LRT MOA) 9
Lower Yakima Valley Riparian Wetlands Restoration199206200 YIN (LRT MOA) 35, 508 elements8
Yakima Klickitat Fisheries Project - Monitoring And Evaluation199506325 YIN (LRT MOA) 50, 62, 644 elements8
YKFP - Design & Construction (Nelson Springs replacement facility)198811525 YIN (LRT MOA) 5 elements6
Yakima Phase II Fish Screens Operations and Maintenance (O&M) with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)199200900 FCRPS BiOp 351 element5
O&M Yakima Basin Fish Screens199503300 FCRPS BiOp 351 element5
Yakima Basin Side Channels199705100 YIN (LRT MOA) 351 element3
Yakama Nation Ceded Lands Lamprey Evaluation and Restoration *200847000 YIN (LRT MOA) 1
Protect and restore mainstem and floodplain habitats below Sunnyside Dam.Lower Mainstem #7 YBF&WRB 7
Promote the creation and maintenance of beaver dams [for anadromous fish]  CBFWA 5
WDFW-Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program  WDFW 5
Yakima Phase II/Hunstville Screen Operation and Maintenance  WDFW 5
Restore lower Cowiche Creek floodplainNaches #19 YBF&WRB 5
Improve riparian, floodplain, and temperature conditions in Cowiche CreekNaches #22 YBF&WRB 5
Reduce confinement of Upper Yakima River (side channels)Upper Yakima #12 YBF&WRB 5
Restore instream and floodplain habitat complexity in Swauk and Taneum creeks and teanaway and lower Cle Elum riversUpper Yakima #14 YBF&WRB 5
Reduce chemical pollution and nutrient inputs [for anadromous fish]  CBFWA 4
Restore side channels and floodplain of Little Naches RiverNaches # 11 YBF&WRB 4
Improve habitat in lower Bumping RiverNaches #10 YBF&WRB 4
Place large woody debris in Little NachesNaches #12 YBF&WRB 4
Protect Cowiche Creek watershed from increasing development pressure (easements)Naches #20 YBF&WRB 4
Protect Ahtanum Creek riparian areas to lessen development impactsNaches #28 YBF&WRB 4
Restore side channels and floodplain of Upper Naches RiverNaches #31 YBF&WRB 4
Restore lower Naches River floodplainNaches #5 YBF&WRB 4
Maintain, upgrade or abandon forest roads (private land)Naches #8 YBF&WRB 4
Reconnect Satus Creek floodplainSatus #1 YBF&WRB 4
Improve, relocate or close forest roads (private land)Satus #7 YBF&WRB 4
Elevate Marior Drain to restore Toppenish Creek flows and water qualityToppenish # 2 YBF&WRB 4
Rehabitlitate alluvial fan and downstream floodplain of Toppenish CreekToppenish #1 YBF&WRB 4
Improve, relocate or close forest roads (private land)Toppenish #8 YBF&WRB 4
Protect and restore floodplain, riparian and in-channel habitats in Upper Yakima, Kittitas and Cle Elum ReachesUpper Yakima #13 YBF&WRB 4
Restore tributary riparian areas (YTAHP)Upper Yakima #15 YBF&WRB 4
Develop riparian buffers and setbacks [for anadromous fish]  CBFWA 3
Restore beaver populationsBasinwide #11 YBF&WRB 3
Restore Oak Creek habitatNaches #23 YBF&WRB 3
Protect habitats in Naches River mainstem above Tieton confluenceNaches #7 YBF&WRB 3
Protect habitats in the Little Naches RiverNaches Action #14 YBF&WRB 3
Continue improving mangement of cattle and improve management of feral horsesSatus #2 YBF&WRB 3
Improve Satus East and West Laterals to address return flow issuesSatus #4 YBF&WRB 3
Continue improving mangement of cattle and improve management of feral horsesToppenish #9 YBF&WRB 3
Restore passage, separate irrigation conveyance, and screen diversion in Ellensburg-are tributariesUpper Yakima #11 YBF&WRB 3
Provide passage and instream flows in lower Manastash CreekUpper Yakima #5 YBF&WRB 3
Miscellaneous actions to protect properly functioning habitat [for bull trout]  CBFWA 2
Improve recuritment of cottonwoodsBasinwide #12 YBF&WRB 2
Increase on-farm irrigation efficiencyBasinwide #3 YBF&WRB 2
Use artificial production techniques to restore steelhead to underutilized habitatsBasinwide #7 YBF&WRB 2
Continue coho, sockeye and summer chinook reintroduction effortsBasinwide #8 YBF&WRB 2
Reconfigure infrasturcture to improve smolt survival ratesLower Mainstem #3 YBF&WRB 2
Improve Wapatox Canal conveyance efficiencyNaches #1 YBF&WRB 2
Increase instream flows in lower Rattlesnake CreekNaches #17 YBF&WRB 2
Improve water use efficiency and habitat in South Naches Irrigation Districe (YTAHP)Naches #2 YBF&WRB 2
Reduce irrigation diversions from Cowiche CreekNaches #21 YBF&WRB 2
Protect instream flow improvements in Ahtanum CreekNaches #24 YBF&WRB 2
Ahtanum Creek floodplain and side channel restorationNaches #27 YBF&WRB 2
Reduce livestock impacts on Ahtanum Creek riparian areas.Naches #29 YBF&WRB 2
Restore headwater meadowsSatus #8 YBF&WRB 2
Restore headwater meadowsToppenish #10 YBF&WRB 2
Further reduce diversions by improved water managementToppenish #5 YBF&WRB 2
Remove iriigation spills and returns from Toppenish and Simcoe creeksToppenish #6 YBF&WRB 2
Continue leases, purchase, and management of riparian areasToppenish #7 YBF&WRB 2
Protect Teanaway watershed from negative impacts of developmentUpper Yakima #17 YBF&WRB 2
Improve instream flows in Swauk Creek and Teanaway watershedsUpper Yakima #4 YBF&WRB 2
Evaluate and implement nutrient enhancement in steelhead streams *Basinwide #15 YBF&WRB 1
Miscellaneous actions to improve compliance with conservation-oriented fishing regulations that close bull trout spawning/rearing areas in tributaries to fishing year-round [for bull trout]  CBFWA 1
Miscellaneous actions to modify reservoir and flow regime [for bull trout]  CBFWA 1
Miscellaneous actions to provide effective fish passage to restore connectivity between the sixteen local bull trout populations and restore anadromous fish runs to boost ecosystem productivity [for bull trout]  CBFWA 1
Adequately screen all water diversionsBasinwide #2 YBF&WRB 1
Increase irrigation deliver efficiencyBasinwide #4 YBF&WRB 1
Utilize Trust Water Rights Program to improve instream flowsBasinwide #5 YBF&WRB 1
Increase flows in Chandler bypass reach to improve juvenile out-migration conditionsLower Mainstem #1 YBF&WRB 1
Improve sediment transport at Rattlesnake Creek/Naches confluence.Naches #18 YBF&WRB 1
Remove BIA Satus Diversion DamSatus #5 YBF&WRB 1
Restore passage in Shinando Creek at Highway 97 crossingSatus #6 YBF&WRB 1
Complete passage and screening projects in Simcoe CreekToppenish #4 YBF&WRB 1
Improve instream flows below Roza DamUpper Yakima #2 YBF&WRB 1
Provide unimpeded fish passage in Taneum CreekUpper Yakima #6 YBF&WRB 1
Provide fish passage into Upper Naneum Creek.Upper Yakima #7 YBF&WRB 1
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Recommended ActionProject Number Or OtherRecommended ByRPAsWork elementsNot linked because
Actions not associated with any limiting factors
Sunnyside Wildlife Mitigation200201400 WDFW 8 elementsWildlife
Wenas Wildlife Area O&M200600400 WDFW 7 elementsWildlife
Develop methods to monitor biological response to habitat improvement [for anadromous fish]  CBFWA RME
Growth modulation in salmon supplementation200203100 FCRPS BiOp/CBFWA 642 elementsRME
Project to provided VSP estimates for Yakima steelhead MPG201003000 YIN (LRT MOA) 50, 56, 62, 63RME
Toppenish Creek Steelhead Status & Trend Monitoring201003700 FCRPS BiOp 50, 56RME
YKFP - Design & Construction / M&E Replacement Facility200846900 YIN (LRT MOA) 3 elementsRME
YKFP - Monitoring and Evaluation (WDFW portion only)  WDFW RME
YKFP Policy/Plan/Technical199506425 WDFW RME
Continue kelt reconditioningBasinwide #6 YBF&WRB other
Genetic Analysis of Anadromous salmonid populations  WDFW other
Lamprey translocation  YIN (LRT MOA) other
Program Coordination & Administration200900600 YIN (LRT MOA) other
Actions in this table are not guaranteed funding.
This information is subject to change and needs regional review