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200600500 - Asotin Creek Wildlife Area O&M (Schlee Acquisitions)
CategoryWork elementDescriptionID
Habitat ImprovementDevelop Alternative Water SourceIncludes, but not limited to, watering troughs, spring and well development, guzzler installation.34
Habitat ImprovementInstall FenceWork to install various types of fence and/or gates. Can also include cattle guards or water gaps for livestock.40
Habitat ImprovementPlant VegetationInstall plants for purposes such as erosion control, roughness recruitment, shading, restoring native habitat, forage enhancement, road removal. May be riparian or upland and includes seeding. If maintaining vegetation, use WE# 22: Maintain Vegetation.47
Habitat ImprovementRemove vegetationRemoval, either mechanical, biological, or chemical, of one or more plant species or a number of individuals of a plant species. Often are exotic or non-native plants, naturalized plants, or undesirable native plants, all of which may be considered to be noxious, invasive or "weeds". Includes the removal of both aquatic and terrestrial plants. Includes tree stand manipulation in order to create forage openings. If you are re-treating an area or using a different technique in a previously treated53
Habitat/Passage O&MMaintain VegetationActivities that include herbicide application, plant competition reduction (scalping, mats), mowing, irrigation, fertilization, prevention or reduction of animal damage (browse repellents, tree tubes).22
Habitat/Passage O&MOperate and Maintain Habitat/Passage/StructureOperation and maintenance of habitat features including, but not limited to, fences, instream structures, passage facilities, sediment control structures, and off-site water developments. Also includes the maintenance of residences, sheds, barns, and other buildings associated with habitat/passage projects. Use WE# 188: Provide Access and Public Information for maintenance of access roads, parking areas, signs, and kiosks. Use WE# 61: Maintain hatchery, for operation and maintenance of faciliti186