Background and decisions

October 2009

Council members approved three high-level indicators  (see presentation) that will be used to monitor the progress of the Fish and Wildlife Program:

  1. abundance of fish and wildlife
  2. hydrosystem survival and passage; and
  3. Council actions.

The indicators will be used to report to Congress and the Northwest's governors. 

The Council chose to postpone its decision on the fourth HLI, Ecosystem Health, until it is defined more clearly. This motion was passed:

Motion from F&W Committee as Adopted by Full Council 
October 7, 2009-10-27
Sun Valley, Idaho

That the Council:

  • Approve three High-Level Indicators in the Council's report to Congress: 1) Abundance of Fish and Wildlife, 2) Hydrosystem Survival and Passage, and 3) Council Actions
  • Approve fish and wildlife program management questions as a working list
  • Recommend that CBFWA include the fish and wildlife Program indicators in the status of the Resource report; all as presented by the staff and recommended by the Fish and Wildlife Committee and approved by the Council [with changes adopted by the Members at today's meeting]

The Council understands that the information for these indicators is either currently available or will be collected within existing budgets and that no additional Council funding obligation will result from the adoption of the indicators unless first approved by the Council.