10:00 AM Welcome and Introduction
Ken Corum and Lisa Schwartz
10:15 AM Wind/Load Balancing and Potential Contribution by Demand Response
Ken Dragoon, Renewable Northwest Project
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Paul Steffes, Steffes Corporation (thermal storage equipment for space heating and domestic hot water appliances)
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1:00 PM Engaging Customers with Dynamic Pricing
Karen Herter, Herter Energy Research Solutions, Inc. (by phone)
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DOE Smart Grid Investment Grants: Dynamic Pricing and Consumer Behavior Studies
Lisa Schwartz, RAP
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2:15 PM Retail Pricing and How it Matters to Delivering Value from the Smart Grid to Customers
Ahmad Faruqui, Brattle Group (by phone)
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3:15 PM National Action Plan for Demand Response and Smart Grid Issues
Richard Sedano, RAP
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3:45 PM Conclusions and Next Meeting