Bonneville Power Administration and Portland General Electric announce five-year power purchase agreements


On March 7th, the Bonneville Power Administration and Portland General Electric announced five-year power purchase agreements beginning in January 2021, after the retirement of the Boardman Generating Station in 2020.

Filling the generation gap from the region’s retiring coal plants by coordinating the use of existing clean resources is an extremely cost-effective way to keep the regional system adequate and reliable.

This type of agreement is completely consistent with the findings of the Seventh Power Plan and demonstrates the value of cooperation and collaboration between regional utilities. These agreements benefit customers of public utilities that buy power from Bonneville and the customers of Portland General Electric. It also demonstrates the regional value of our cooperative pursuit of energy efficiency savings, which the Northwest has successfully pursued for over 30 years, making it possible for utilities with surplus power to sell it to utilities that need it.

Bonneville and Portland General Electric are to be congratulated for working together to make the Northwest grid more efficient and reliable in an extremely cost-effective manner.

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