Council Meeting

September 12 - 13, 2017

Davenport Hotel 10 South Post Street

Monday, September 11

Regional Coordination Forum – Elizabethan Room, 12:30pm – 5:30pm

Tuesday, September 12

Fish and Wildlife Committee – Elizabethan Room – 8am

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  • Staff recommendations on wildlife projects and programmatic issues (LP,MF)
  • Next Fish and Wildlife Program amendment (TG,PO)
    • Recommendations on request for ISAB to review 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program
    • Discussion about general approach for amendments
  • Briefing on Regional Coordination Forum (RCF,LP)
  • Developing a field-based environmental DNA sampling and detection system: Dr. Austen Thomas, Smith-Root (KF)
  • Update on Phase 1 Investigations Related to Reintroduction of Anadromous Fish Above Grand Coulee Dam. Casey Baldwin, Sr. Research Scientist for the Colville Confederated Tribes Fish and Wildlife Department and Conor Giorgi, Anadromous Program Manager for the Spokane Tribe (SH)
  • Willamette Falls pinniped predation update (KW)
  • Update on emerging priorities implementation (Staff)

Power Committee – Early Bird Ballroom – 9am

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  • Briefing on Bonneville rate structures and conservation program mechanisms: Kim Thompson, Acting Vice President of Energy Efficiency, BPA; and Emily Traetow, Public Utility Specialist, BPA.
  • Outline for Value of Conservation White Paper (CG,BK)
  • Timeline for publishing the 7th Plan Mid-Term Assessment (BK,CM)
  • Contract renewals and discussion (BK)

Council Meeting –  Elizabethan Room – 1:30pm

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  1:30 –1:45pm Reports from Fish and Wildlife, Power and Public Affairs committee chairs: Jennifer Anders, chair, fish and wildlife committee; Tom Karier, chair, power committee; and Jim Yost, chair, public affairs committee.
1. 1:45 –2:15pm Presentation on Washington energy technologies: Tony Usibelli, Special Assistant to the Director for Energy and Climate Policy, Washington Department of Commerce.
2. 2:15 –2:45pm Update on Idaho Power Integrated Resource Plan: Phil Devol, Lead Planning Analyst, Power Supply, Idaho Power Company.
  2:45 – 3pm Break
3. 3 – 3:30pm Next Fish and Wildlife Program amendment: Tony Grover, director, fish and wildlife division; and Patty O’Toole, program implementation manager
  • Council decision on request for ISAB to review the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Discussion about general approach for amendments
4. 3:30 –4:30pm Briefing on Fish and Wildlife Program implementation assessments: Laura Robinson, program implementation and liaison specialist; and Patty O’Toole.

The Executive Committee will meet at the close of business on Tuesday, September 12

Wednesday, September 13

Continuation of Council Meeting – 8:30am – Elizabethan Room

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5. 8:30 –9:30am Briefing on the Upper and Mid-Columbia sturgeon activities. 
Upper Columbia
: Jason McLellan, Colville Confederated Tribes with representatives from Spokane Tribe of Indians and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
: Representatives from the Yakama Nation, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Mid-Columbia PUDs.
6. 9:30 –10:15am Briefing on Avista Integrated Resource Plan and Urbanova Smart Cities Project: James Gall, Senior Power Supply Analyst, Avista; and Heather Rosentrater, Vice President, Energy Delivery, Avista.
  10:15 –10:30am Break
7. 10:30 –11:15am Presentation by Steve Wright: General Manager, Chelan County PUD.
8. 11:15 –11:45am Presentation on innovative water projects: Guy J. Gregory, Technical Unit Supervisor, Water Resources Program, Eastern Regional Office, Washington Department of Ecology; and JT Steenkamp, Project Manager, Pearl Hill Project, Shell Energy.
9. 11:45pm Council business:
  • Approval of minutes of August 2017 Council Meeting
  • Approval of contracts: Navigant, Tom Eckman
  • Council decision to release draft of Council Annual Report to Congress for public comment
    Public comment on any issues before the Council