Council Meeting

December 12 - 13, 2017    See meeting notes

851 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1100

Tuesday, December 12

Power Committee – 9am – Small Conference Room

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  • State of electric utility loads, sales, revenues and prices in 2016, MJ (45 min)
  • Update on ocean energy resources action items and analysis of offshore wind
  • MS, GC (30 min)
  • BPA demand response barriers and potential study, BPA (Lee Hall) (45 min)
  • Briefing on DOE proposal for revisions to the federal efficiency standards processes, Tom Eckman, Senior Advisor

Fish Committee – 9am – Large Conference Room

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  • Habitat Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy: Progress and Status (30 min) (LB,NL,MF)
  • Discussion of Atlas: Strategic Prioritization of Habitat Restoration Actions: Dave Kaplowe, BPA (30 min) (LB,MF)
  • Toxics Workgroup draft PAH story map (30 min) (LB,TG, Mary Lou Soscia, EPA)
  • Discussion on Northern Pike (15 min) (SH,KF)
  • Update on Emerging Priorities Implementation (30 min) (Staff)
    • Briefing on Sturgeon Conference
    • Lamprey update

Council Meeting – 1:30pm - Large and Small Conference Rooms

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  1:30 – 1:45pm Reports from Fish and Wildlife, Power and Public Affairs committee chairs:  Jennifer Anders, chair, fish and wildlife committee; Tom Karier, chair, power committee; and Jim Yost, chair, public affairs committee.
1. 1:45 – 2:30pm Presentation on Puget Sound Energy Demand Response, Behind-the-Meter Technology, and Future Risks: David Mills, Senior Vice President, Energy Operations, Puget Sound Energy.
2. 2:30 – 3pm Briefing on vision, priorities, and resources for Bonneville energy efficiency activities: Kim Thompson, Vice President of Energy Efficiency, Bonneville Power Administration.
  3 – 3:15pm Break
3. 3:15 – 4pm Briefing on Public Generating Pool Decarbonization Study, PGP, E3 Consulting: Therese Hampton, Public Generating Pool; and Arne Olson, E3 Consulting.

The Council will meet in Executive Session on Tuesday, December 12, at the close of Council business to discuss internal personnel matters. 

Wednesday, December 13

Continuation of Council Meeting – 8:30am Large and Small Conference Rooms

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4. 8:30 – 8:45am Council Business:
5. 8:45 – 9am Update on Spill Proposal: (Tentative) John Shurts, general counsel and Leslie Bach, senior manager.
6. 9– 9:45am Presentation on evaluating an experimental commercial pound net trap for stock-selective fishing in the Lower Columbia River:  Adrian Tuohy, Wild Fish Conservancy.
  9:45 – 10am Break
7. 10 – 10:45am Update on Columbia River System Operations Environmental Impact Study: Sonja Kokos, Bureau of Reclamation; Rebecca Weiss, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; and David Kennedy, Bonneville Power Administration.
    Public comment on any issue before the Council.

The Executive Committee will meet at the close of business on Wednesday, December 13.