Analysis of Federal Columbia River Power System Operations on Fish Survival During Summer 2001

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This is a preliminary analysis on the effects of summer spill and fish transport on the survival of outmigrating juvenile fall chinook. The analysis focuses on the total system survival of ESA-listed Snake River fall chinook and unlisted Hanford Reach fall chinook. It has not been reviewed or approved by the Northwest Power Planning Council and should not be cited as a Council endorsement of any action based upon its content.

Comments on this issue paper will be accepted through Friday, June 22, 2001. Please address all comments to Mark Walker, Director of Public Affairs, Northwest Power Planning Council, 851 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 1100, Portland, OR  97204, and indicate you are commenting on Council document 2001-14. Comments may also be submitted via e-mail to The Council will discuss the findings of this analysis at its next regular meeting in Pendleton, Oregon on June 26-27, 2001.