Columbia Basin Data Center proposal

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In May 2000 the Independent Scientific Review Panel reported on the inadequacies of the data system for Columbia River Basin fish and wildlife. The panel noted significant data gaps and significant inconsistencies in the way data were collected and reported. The panel recommended a systematic approach to address a wide variety of tasks including an inventory of existing data, a survey of unmet data needs, proposals for filling data gaps, and development of standardized data collection and reporting protocols.

Following this report the Council undertook several initiatives to respond to these recommendations. The Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NOAA Fisheries to work collaboratively in developing a regional data system, supported a contract with Science Applications International Corporation, and helped establish the Northwest Environmental Data Network (NED). This paper, which is intended to build on these initiatives, offers a proposed method to implement an integrated, regional data management system.

The Council asked the Independent Scientific Advisory Board to review the proposal.

Comments received through JunĀ 23, 2006