Draft FY 2014 Budget and FY 2013 Revisions

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The Council, which is funded through the Bonneville Power Administration, commits to hold budget increases to an average of 3 percent per year or below during the FY2013 and FY2014 budget periods. The Council’s Fiscal Year 2013 revised budget of $10,283,000 is 1.4 percent higher than the current year 2012 budget of $10,142,000. The Council’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget has a projected increase of 0.7 percent to $10,359,000.

Over the past three rate periods, the Council’s budget has remained at its current service level with very conservative inflationary increases. Our projected budget continues to freeze the number of employees and reduce expenses in order to keep budget increases at 2.5 percent or lower.

Comments were received through June 29, 2012. The Council expects to adopt the budget at its July meeting. Any questions on this draft budget should be directed to Sharon Ossmann.


Stephen L. Crow, Executive Director