Resource Adequacy Advisory Committee

In 2005, the Council and the Bonneville Power Administration created the Resource Adequacy Forum and tasked it to develop an adequacy standard for the regional power supply. The purpose of the standard is to provide an early warning should resource development fail to keep pace with demand growth.

On July 10, 2013, the Council approved a charter for the Resource Adequacy Advisory Committee (RAAC), which will replace the existing Resource Adequacy Forum.  The Forum has been successful as an ad-hoc committee since 2005 but is now being redefined to raise its stature to be on a par with other Council advisory committees. In a way, this action promotes the excellent work that this committee has done over the past 8 years to define and assess power supply adequacy and related issues.  

The Council’s intent is to make minimal changes to the existing structure of this group. The RAAC will continue to have a steering and technical committee, which will each have co-chairs from the Council and from Bonneville. The meetings will, of course, continue to be open to the public.

The latest adequacy assessment shows the power supply to be slightly inadequate by 2017 (Council document number 2012-12), assuming only existing resources and conservation levels targeted in the 6thPower Plan. The report goes on to say that adding 350 megawatts of dispatchable resource capacity brings the adequacy back to the 5 percent limit.   

We encourage your participation in this process. If you wish to add your name to our email lists, please email your request to John Fazio (

2013 Schedule (tentative)

  • September - Council Approval of Committee Members
  • October - Steering and Technical Committee Start Up Meetings
  • January - Commitee Meetings - Preview of Preliminary Results
  • March - Committee Meetings - Review of Final Results
  • May - Council Review and Release of Results



Council's PNW Adequacy Standard

Current Assessment

Publications & Papers

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