This policy manual has two parts:

  1. Volume I (side sidebar menu) contains those policies that establish how the Council and its employees interact with the public in areas such as open meetings, sharing information upon request and maintaining the Council’s ethical integrity in carrying out its statutory responsibilities.
  2. Volume II (intranet only) contains policies that apply to the Council’s internal operations in areas of employment, administrative or legal work-related questions.

A paper copy of Volumes I and II is bound in a three-ring binder format and distributed to each Council employee. As policies are updated or revised, new copies of the subject policies will be distributed. It is the responsibility of each employee both to read the policies and to ensure that his or her copy of these policies is kept up-to-date. The official copy of the policy manual will be kept in the Administrative Officer’s office. Please refer to that copy if you believe your own copy may be out of date.

Policy development is an ongoing process affected by changes in legal requirements, areas of administration previously unaddressed and new problems that call for new solutions. Employees may submit policy suggestions to the Executive Director or the Administrative Officer for consideration. Please submit suggestions in writing and include your name with your suggestion.

The Council and its employees have what is called an “at-will” employment relationship. In other words, employees are free to terminate their employment relationship at anytime, for any reason, with or without advance notice. The Council is likewise free to terminate the employment relationship at anytime, for any reason, with or without advance notice. Employment by the Council is discretionary, without any guarantee that a particular job, salary, set of benefits, or particular conditions of employment will continue for a specified period of time. Nothing in this Employee Handbook, or in any other Council document, confers any express or implied contract rights for employment.

Please direct any questions you have to the Executive Director, the Administrative Officer or the legal division.