Purpose of this policy

The Northwest Power Act provides that the federal laws regarding conflicts of interest applicable to the Bonneville Power Administration shall apply to the Council “to the extent appropriate.” This policy spells out the extent to which application of the federal restrictions on political activity to the Council is appropriate. Such restrictions are intended to further the purposes set out in the Council’s Conflicts of Interest policy, as well. The Council finds that this modified statement of the Hatch Act is appropriate for the special characteristics of the Council. Each employee shall respect and adhere to the principles of ethical conduct set forth in this policy as well as any other related Council policies.

Scope of this policy

This policy covers restrictions on political activities of Council members and Council employees, whether employed in the central office or a state office.


If a Council member violates this policy, the Council will forward the reported violation to the relevant Governor. If a Council employee violates this policy, the Council will investigate the allegation and determine whether disciplinary action, including removal from employment, is justified. The Council will forward to the Office of Government Ethics the results of any investigation it undertakes of allegations of violations of this policy. Please consult the Legal Division if you have questions about the meaning or application of this policy.

Council Policy Limiting Political Activities

  1. Prohibition. A Council member or employee may not:
    1. use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or a nomination for office;
    2. directly or indirectly coerce, attempt to coerce, command, or advise a Council member or employee to pay, lend, or contribute anything of value to a party, committee, organization, agency, or person for political purposes; or
    3. be a candidate for elective office.
  2. Permitted Activities. A Council member or employee:
    1. retains the right to vote as he chooses and to express his opinions on political subjects and candidates; and
    2. may be a candidate in a nonpartisan election.

Latest revision approved by Executive Committee: September 23, 1998