The Independent Economic Advisory Board (inactive since 2016) assists with difficult economic issues associated with the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program. For details view the September 2018 Fish and Wildlife Committee meeting memo.

See backgroundcharter (expired 2018), membership, and travel reimbursement form.


IEAB 2015-1 Long-Term Cost Planning for the Fish and Wildlife Program
IEAB 2014-1 IEAB recommendations related to amendments for the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program
IEAB 2013-2 Economic Risk of Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Columbia River Basin
IEAB 2013-1 Cost-Effectiveness of Fish Tagging Technologies and Programs in the Columbia River Basin
IEAB 2013 IEAB 2013 Annual Report
IEAB 2012-1 Cost-Effectiveness Strategies for the Fish and Wildlife Program
IEAB 2011-2 Cost–Effectiveness of Improved Irrigation Efficiency and Water Transactions for Instream Flow for Fish
IEAB 2011-1 Scoping Task for Review of Hatchery EIS Economic Appendices, Task #171 Report
IEAB 2010-1 Economic Risk Associated with the Potential Establishment of Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Columbia River Basin
IEAB 2009-3 Review of Draft Sixth Power Plan Chapter 11, Capacity and Flexibility Task 152
IEAB 2009-2 Integrated Hatchery Operations: Fish and Wildlife Program Costs and Other Economic Effects Phase 1
IEAB 2009-1 Interactions between Fish and Wildlife Program and Sixth Power Plan (Phase 1): Task 138
IEAB 2007-5 Continuing Investigation of Alternative Strategies for Habitat Acquisition
IEAB 2007-4 Investigation of Wildlife O&M Costs
ISRP/IEAB 2007-3 SAFE Review 2007 — Review of the Select Area Fishery Evaluation Project Reports: Final Completion Report, October 1993 to October 2005 (April 2006) and Economic Analysis Study (November 2006)Project #1993-060-00
IEAB 2007-2 Project Cost Escalation Standards: Task 115
IEAB 2007-1 Review of the SOS Revenue Stream Report
IEAB 2006-2 Scoping Investigation of Available Project Information
IEAB 2006-1 A Scoping Investigation of Approaches to Preserving Habitat
ISRP/IEAB 2005-8 Review of the Select Area Fishery Evaluation Project 1993-2003 Final Project Completion Report (SAFE Review)
IEAB 2005-2 Review of the Estimated Economic Impacts of Salmon Fishing in Idaho
IEAB 2005-1 Economic Effects from Columbia River Basin Anadromous Salmonid Fish Production
IEAB 2004-2 Scoping for Feasibility of Columbia River Mainstem Passage Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
IEAB 2004-1 Juvenile Passage Cost Effectiveness Analysis for the Columbia River Basin: Description and Preliminary Analysis
IEAB 2003-3 Application of the IEAB's Recommendations and Guidance for Economic Analysis in Subbasin Planning to the Clearwater Subbasin Management Plan
IEAB 2003-2 Recommendations and Guidance for Economic Analysis in Subbasin Planning
IEAB 2003-1 Review of IEAB's Activities and Contributions to Fish and Wildlife Planning
IEAB 2002-2 Review of Proposals for Improving Methow and Twisp Rivers for Anadromous Fish Interim Report
IEAB 2002-1 Artificial Production Review Economics Analysis Phase I
IEAB 2001-2 Economic Review of Instream Water Supply Components of the Salmon Creek Project
IEAB 2001-1 Economics of Water Acquisition Projects
IEAB 2000-1 Review of Economic Appendix I of the Corps' Lower Snake Feasibility Study
IEAB 1999-2 Review of comments on Restoring the Lower Snake River: Saving Snake River Salmon and Saving Money by the Oregon Natural Resources Council
IEAB 1999-1 River Economics: Evaluating Trade-offs in Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Programs and Policies
IEAB 1997-2 Lessons from Existing Studies of the Economics of Fish and Wildlife Recovery Measures in the Northwest
IEAB 1997-1 Review of Local Economic Impact Studies: Tri-Port Economic Impact Study