Energy storage is a topic of keen interest in many areas of the country and has recently seen a flurry of policy related activity in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon has an energy storage mandate, Washington has a recently-released policy statement directing the study of energy storage as a candidate non-wires alternative for T&D upgrades, and the Montana PSC has directed its investor owned utility to investigate pumped hydropower storage in its next integrated resource plan. Idaho has no storage specific directives at this time.

The Council recognized the potential impact of storage even in the hydropower-rich Northwest and created an action item to develop an Energy Storage Whitepaper as part of the 7th Power Plan. This paper was developed in coordination with regional experts and was released by the Council in November 2017

Council staff is now working diligently and engaging with advisory committees to ensure that storage is appropriately accounted for as a candidate resource option in the 2021 Power Plan.