2021 Power Plan Specific Information

We will post work the CRAC has reviewed as part of developing the next power plan here and on the 2021 Power Plan Technical Page. Check recent meeting agendas for presentation material related to supply curves, etc...
See also presentations and related material shown at our monthly Council meetings.




Recent and Upcoming Meetings

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JAN 2015
CRAC Webinar

The Conservation Resources Advisory Committee (CRAC) was created to advise the Council regarding formulating and reviewing policy and program alternatives to effectively develop the region's cost-effective conservation potential having significance to the Power Plan. The Regional Technical Forum (RTF) provides expert technical review of the Council's assessment. The Committee will address:

  • Action Plan items for the Power Plan
  • Implementation mechanisms and alternatives
  • Near-term and long-term achievability rates
  • Regulatory incentives
  • Treatment of energy savings potential from the direct use of natural gas
  • Uncertainty of conservation costs and savings
  • Avoided cost methodology

The CRAC is chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. Its members are appointed by the Council. Specific members can be solicited by the Council or membership can be voluntary in response to requests for membership. CRAC meetings are open to the public.

For more information, or to be added to the meeting distribution list, please contact Chad Madron, (503) 222-5161.