Travel reimbursement is provided for 1) contractors when so stipulated in the contract; 2) advisory committee members as set forth in this policy and; 3) panel members or individuals who are requested to appear before the Council to present expert testimony.

All applicable travel expenses must be submitted on the Council’s travel expense form. Expense forms are to be properly itemized and accompanied by original receipts where required. Each travel expense form should be complete with name, address, nature of business and the signature of the traveler. Incomplete forms or lack of original receipts may delay reimbursement. Necessary forms are available from the Council’s business manager upon request. As part of the total contract price, the Council will pay Contractor’s lodging expenses and per diem in accordance with the federal travel regulations.

REGIONAL TRAVEL (Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington)

Subsistence Rates. See per diem rates for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Please note meal per diem rates are updated each year on October 1.

  1. Meal reimbursement rates on the initial day of travel are paid if it is necessary to leave the official station or residence on or before the following times:
    1. Breakfast – 7 am
    2. Lunch – Noon
    3. Dinner – 6 pm
  2. Meal reimbursement on the day of return are payable if the return to the official duty station, exclusive of eating time, was on or after the following times:
    1. Breakfast – 9 am
    2. Lunch – 2 pm
    3. Dinner – 7 pm
  3. Meals provided by hotels and included in the room rate (ie. free breakfast) are not eligible for per diem reimbursement. Exception: if the traveler is required to dine offsite due to dietary concerns or meeting requirements, reimbursement is allowed for the actual cost of the meal, up to the amount of the subsistence rate for the meal. Receipts are required for offsite meal reimbursement under this exception.

Lodging Reimbursement. As part of the total contract price, the Council will pay Contractor’s lodging expenses in accordance with the federal travel regulations. Original receipts are required.

While lodging reimbursement under this policy gives preference to facilities offering government rate rooms, the Council understands that some non-government Contractors may be unable to obtain government rate lodging. In those instances, please refer to expense form for the current year “reasonable” rates by season. We encourage you to stay within these maximums.

Travelers who stay with friends or relatives while traveling and who do not incur overnight lodging expenses where overnight lodging would have been required, are entitled to a $20 non-commercial overnight lodging allowance. This rate also applies when lodging receipts are lost.


Approval. Out-of-region travel must be approved in advance using the out-of-region travel request form.

Meal reimbursement. The meal reimbursement for contractor out-of-region travel will be based on the federal per diem schedule.


Reimbursable Transportation Expenses.

  1. Coach airfare is reimbursable, provided that the employee uses the most practical and cost-effective routing and fare basis, without regard to mileage or other incentives offered by carriers

  2. Private auto mileage at the IRS mileage rate not to exceed the total of airfare, meals, parking, car rental, and lodging allowances to which the contractor would have been entitled if traveling by air.
  3. Public ground transportation, when in travel status, is allowed as long as it is the least costly and most practical means of transportation Original receipts are required. Airport public transportation should be used if available.
  4. Taxi fares are reimbursable when they are the least costly and most practical means of ground transportation. Original receipt required.
  5. Public parking reimbursement requires original receipt. Airport parking is reimbursable at the economy lot rate.
  6. Car rental may be allowed outside the city of residence on those occasions when it is the most cost-effective method of local ground transportation or when meeting locations cannot be easily reached by local public transportation. Contractors shall attach a cost justification for rental car claims. Contractors will be reimbursed for the rental rate of a compact car. Higher rates may require additional explanation, or approval (for example, staff traveling together, road conditions and cargo). Gasoline costs for rental cars are reimbursable; however, refueling charges assessed by rental car agencies are not. Original rental receipts and gasoline receipts are required.

General Information. Long distance telephone calls are not a reimbursable expense. Except as provided in this policy for reimbursement of the Contractor’s meals, lodging and transportation expenses, contractors and advisory committee members do not have the authority to incur expenses on behalf of the Council. Arrangements for meeting rooms will be made without food or coffee service, and only when authorized by Council staff.

Actual and Reasonable Costs. Contractors are expected to exercise prudent judgement in incurring travel expenses on official Council business. Expenses should be incurred in an economical and practical manner. Please contact the Council’s Business Manager for assistance with interpretation of these travel rules.

Latest revision approved by Executive Committee on September 10, 2013