ISRP review of the Yakama Nation's Project, Rock Creek Fish and Habitat Assessment (2007-156-00)

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At the Council’s February 3, 2012 request, the ISRP reviewed a revised proposal for the Yakama Nation’s Project, Rock Creek Fish and Habitat Assessment (#2007-156-00). The proposal states that its primary goals are to gather information on the anadromous salmonid populations' (steelhead, fall Chinook, and coho) status, assess habitat conditions, and identify factors limiting anadromous salmonid populations in the Rock Creek subbasin. A restoration plan for Rock Creek will be developed based on this scientific assessment.

This is the third ISRP review of this proposal. In the most recent previous review, the ISRP requested more information on the Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment (EDT) assessment; plans for restoration; pathogen and temperature issues; protection of riparian plantings; plans to address cattle grazing and non-native fish; and study design and methods. A revised proposal was submitted to address these issues.

The ISRP recommends that the revised proposal meets scientific review criteria – in part (qualified). Although the revised proposal did not effectively address many of the ISRP’s past concerns, the ISRP reacted positively to the logic and overall conclusions presented in the revised proposal’s problem statement.