Resource Adequacy Symposium is Coming This Fall

Planning to ensure the Northwest will have the energy it needs

Boise at night

The Council, with the aid of its regional adequacy advisory committee, assesses the adequacy of the regional supply five years out, counting only existing resources, planned resources that are sited and licensed, and the energy efficiency savings targeted in the Council’s power plan. This annual assessment is intended to be an early warning should resource and energy efficiency acquisitions not keep pace with load growth.

The Northwest Power Pool is hosting a resource adequacy symposium on October 2, 2019 in Portland, Oregon to address the challenges facing the region as population increases and wind and solar renewable resources continue to grow on the system. The symposium will feature discussions among the industry’s top leaders and key stakeholders on a range of topics to help create a road map to enhanced system reliability.

The following video is episode 1 of an educational docuseries on the topic of resource adequacy presented by the Northwest Power Pool and featuring John Fazio, senior systems analyst at the Council.

(Video directed, produced, and edited by David Pennington. Additional editing by Christopher Sakr. Music, sound design, and mixing by Keith Schreiner.)