The Council invites your review and comment on draft amendments to the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. The Council is proposing to amend the program this time through the use of an Addendum to the Council's existing 2014 Program.

The Council began the amendment process in May 2018 by soliciting recommendations for program amendments from the region’s state and federal fish and wildlife agencies, Indian tribes, and others, as required by the Northwest Power Act. The Council prepared the draft program Addendum after reviewing the recommendations, supporting information submitted with the recommendations, and comments received on the recommendations.

The Council now invites comments on the draft program Addendum, which can include further comments on the recommendations and how the draft program amendments relate to the recommendations.

To comment on the draft program Addendum through October 18, 2019 you may:

  • Submit a comment online (this form was accidentally closed briefly from 7-9am Oct 18; it's corrected now)
  • Attend any public hearing scheduled at various locations throughout the Columbia River Basin (see right sidebar)
  • Attend one of the Council’s monthly meetings between August and October 2019 (August 13-14 Portland; September 17-18 Corvallis; October 15-16 Seattle)

The Council will also be soliciting the views of the state fish and wildlife agencies, tribes, Bonneville customers and others through directed consultations, as required by the Northwest Power Act.

The Council expects to make a final decision on the revised fish and wildlife program in January 2020. The Council will make its final program amendment decisions on the basis of the recommendations, supporting documents, and the comments on both the recommendations and on the draft program.

The Council staff prepared a draft explanation as to how the Council used the recommendations and the comments on recommendations in developing the draft program Addendum. It is available here for informational purposes. The staff believes this document may be useful in helping you develop comments on the draft program Addendum. This is a staff draft document. The Council has not approved this document as an official, final Council explanation.

We look forward to hearing from you by October 18, 2019. Thank you for your interest in the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.