April 2022: Council recommendation.  Anadromous Fish habitat and Hatchery Review decision letter.

March 2022: Public comment received on ISRP 2022-01 and Fish and Wildlife Committee recommendation.

February 2022:  ISRP Final Report: Review of Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery Projects (ISRP 2022-01) - Public comment invited through March 10, 2022. ISRP Presentation at February Council meeting.

November 2021: Responses to ISRP Preliminary Report received - See the 124 projects reviewed in this process (includes links to proposal, responses and presentations).

September 2021: ISRP Preliminary Report: Review of Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery Projects (ISRP 2021-08) — Public comment received on ISRP 2021-08.

June/July 2021: Presentations for the 124 projects under review.

Review schedule:

Review start February 2, 2021
Proposal form webinars February 11 and February 25, 2021
— See Presentation and Climate Change example, workshop recording
Review materials due May 3, 2021
Presentations Sequenced over several weeks in June and July 2021
ISRP Preliminary Report September 23, 2021
Public comment begins September 24, 2021
Responses due November 22, 2021
Final report February 10, 2022
ISRP presentation to Council February 16, 2022
Public comment ends March 10, 2022
Committee recommendations March 2022
Council recommendations April 2022

February 2021:

  • The Council announces the start of the review process for Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery projects funded under the Council’s Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program.
  • For more information, see the packet/instructions (PDF) which includes the project proposal template

November 2020:

September 2020: Fish and Wildlife Committee reviewed letters received from the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and Yakama Nation with their perspectives and concerns regarding the timing of the Anadromous Fish Habitat and Hatchery review.