This is technical and process information from 2019 through the publication of the 2021 Power Plan in March 2022.

Also see the Supporting Materials pages for the most current and navigable data.

Resource Strategy

Scenario and System Analysis


Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Demand Response

Generation Resources

See Generating Resources Advisory Committee

Draft Generation Resource Reference Plants

Reference plant resource cost development (overnight capital, FOM, VOM): Technical support workbooks

Existing System Generating Resources: Technical support workbook (2020)

Updated WECC Wide Regional, State and Municipality Clean Energy Policies (2020)

Environmental Methodology

Development of Generating Resources Reference Plants process primer (2019)


Load and Price Forecasts

See Demand Forecast Advisory Committee and Natural Gas Advisory Committee

Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast:

Wholesale Electricity Prices - Final (2021):

Natural Gas:

Transportation & Behind-the-Meter Solar Forecast (2021)

Load Forecast:

Recent Scenario findings (2021):

Older (2020):

Process primers (2019):

Resource Adequacy

Climate Change

Other Material