Technical Achievable Potential Summary

The table below provides a summary of the distribution efficiency measure bundles’ maximum achievable technical potential energy savings at years 2027, 2032, and 2041, and the distribution of the 2041 potential by three selected levelized cost bins. The table combines measure bundles two and three, as the levelized cost savings for ECM3 are lower than those for ECM2.

Distribution System Potential by Select Years and Cost Bins

Measure BundleMaximum Achievable Technical Potential (aMW)2041 Achievable Technical Potential by Levelized Cost Bin ($/MWh)
Conservation Voltage Reduction2996186   
CVR with No Voltage Optimization (ECM1)3152929  
CVR with Primary Voltage Optimization (ECM2) & Secondary Monitoring by AMI (ECM3)1781156 156