The demand response source data is used similarly but slightly differently in each of the Council’s power system models. Due to the differences of model fidelity and focus, each model requires slightly different forms of the same source information.

Regional Portfolio Model

Due to computational run-time concerns the Regional Portfolio Model (RPM) limits the number of resources that are explicitly modeled. Thus, new individual demand response programs are binned in the Regional Portfolio Model. Individual choices about how new demand response resources are modeled in the RPM was discussed in detail in the System Analysis Advisory Committee meetings. Effects from existing demand response programs are assumed to be reflected in the peak demand forecast  

Redeveloped GENESYS

The same source data is used but in different detail in GENESYS. Existing demand response products are modeled as limited availability market resources with a high dispatch cost within the utility balancing authorities that currently contract for that demand response. The new demand response time of use products were modeled similarly but the variable operations cost was modeled as zero dollars per megawatt hour for the time of use and demand voltage reduction programs.


Any default AURORA demand response assumptions or availability are unchanged.