Throughout the Western power grid (WECC[1] footprint) there are resources that emit greenhouse gases as a byproduct of producing electricity. From the buildouts and subsequent price forecasts in AURORA[2] there is an associated CO2e emissions[3] power sector forecast for each of the tested policy landscapes.

Annual WECC-wide Emissions

The data supporting the above graph of the WECC-wide emissions forecast is linked here.

[1] WECC stands for Western Electric Coordinating Council which is the not for profit corporation that exists to ensure a reliable bulk power system throughout the Western Interconnection, which includes the following: British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona; most of New Mexico, Montana, Colorado; and some of the Dakotas, Nevbraska and North Baja California.

[2] AURORA is a commercial production cost model licensed from Energy Exemplar

[3] CO2e refers to carbon dioxide equivalent emissions