The deliverables for this project will consist of the following items:

Item 1. An electronic questionnaire that can capture the following:

  • General goals conservation and harvest of stocks potentially affected by hatchery programs
  • Purpose and objectives for all hatchery programs
  • Operational and cost information about all hatchery programs
  • Data and information needed to evaluate benefits and risks of each hatchery program
  • All additional data and information needed to complete a draft HGMP’s for salmonid hatchery programs in the Columbia Basin
  • All additional data and information needed to complete the APRE review

Item 2. A database populated with (containing) the data and information (in quantitative, qualitative and narrative form) described in item 1. This database will be the common, shared, and coordinated source of data and information for both the HGMP and APRE processes.

Item 3. A draft HGMP (derived from the database in item 2 for each hatchery program in the basin.

Item 4. An analysis (based on data and information in item 2 of all hatchery programs for consistency with goals for conservation and harvest and an overview of laws and agreements that set forth program objectives. Results of the analysis will be assembled in a draft report for each province. The information and conclusions reported in these documents will be provided to NMFS and other participants in the HGMP process so that any discrepancies between HGMP and APRE conclusions can be identified and resolved. The draft reports will be reviewed by regional managers and others though a series of workshops to be held in each province.

Item 5. A final set of documents containing conclusions and recommendations for all hatchery program, based on the analysis in item 4. These documents will incorporate comments from regional managers and hatchery operators in the province.

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