The performance standards and indicators (PS&I) are an outgrowth of discussions in the regional Production Review Committee (PRC) of the Northwest Power Planning Council (NWPPC) Artificial Production Review (APR) process initially and more specifically, from an adhoc PS&I work group. The PS&I work group has met on numerous occasions to develop the current draft. The working philosophy has been to extend the NWPPC document on Artificial Production Programs and Policies for Hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin into the next level of detail incorporating the Science Review Team (SRT) guidelines, the Integrated Hatchery Operations Team (IHOT) performance standards and indicators and the Pacific Northwest Fish Health Protection Committee (PNWFHPC) guidelines into the present set of measurable PS&I's. These PS&I's attempt to quantify both benefits and risks of using artificial production programs and facilities as management tools within the five purposes of artificial production outlined in the APR.

It was recognized by the PRC that if artificial production programs in the Columbia River Basin are to be evaluated in a comprehensive manner it must be done by applying, wherever possible, a consistent set of PS&I's uniformly for all purposes and for all individual programs. With regard to applying these indicators to specific hatcheries it should be understood that the intent is to provide a menu of Performance Indicators (PI) for regional guidance and that a greater level of detail will be required at the individual hatchery consistent with the appropriate subbasin goals, objectives, and strategies. The intention of the ad hoc PS&I work group was to articulate PI's which were:

  1. Measurable
  2. Realistic
  3. Feasible
  4. Clear and understandable
  5. Affordable
  6. Consistent application in policy and law

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