Meeting was held on October 7. See participants, transcript, and video at the right.

The Northwest Power Act requires the Council to conduct at least one public hearing in each of the four Northwest states represented on the Council when accepting public comments on a draft power plan or fish and wildlife program.

In order to protect public health during the pandemic, the Council has decided not to conduct in-person hearings. Instead, each of the states will host an online hearing, and persons are encouraged to attend their state's hearing. However, people who live outside the host state are welcome to attend the hearings and testify. All hearings will be recorded and transcripts will be produced.

Those not able to attend our virtual hearing submitted written comments. They were due by November 19, 2021. Review written comments received.

Washington hearing agenda

Any person participating in the meeting should review and abide by the Code of Conduct expected of all who participate in the Council’s public forums.