Meeting Notes

GoToMeeting and conference call 800-356-8278, code 186685

1 pmWelcome and introductions, purpose & objectives and confirm agendaGuy Norman, F&W Committee Chair
1:15-4:30 pm

Topics to discuss below (breaks as needed)

  1. Update on Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Amendments
    • Amendment Process overview and schedule
    • Overview of Program and draft amendments
    • Update on hearings and consultations
  2. Update on Columbia Basin Habitat Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy
  3. Mission statement for the informal hatchery workgroup
  4. Upcoming Resident Fish & Sturgeon Review (outline) - webinar, timeline, proposal form
  5. Follow up from Mainstem Review - Data Management Subcommittee
  6. Heads up on future discussion of the ecosystem effects of abundant shad
  7. Open Discussion - any topic (remaining time) TBD
4:30 pmWrap up and schedule next meetingGuy Norman