9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Conference call-in: 800-356-8278, code 186685



Welcome and introductions

Purpose & objectives, review draft agenda, news

F&W Committee Chair Bradbury


Role and expectations of Regional Coordination Leads

Council Staff



Topics to discuss listed below, from 9:30-2:30 p.m.

(adjust time as necessary)

Council Members and Council staff & others

  • Ocean Forum: update on possible scope changes
  • Subbasin plan updates: Discussion of the need for and level of interest in updating subbasin plans
  • Science/Policy Forum – Eulachon: Recap of forum – summary, findings and next steps
  • Flood Plain Habitat Strategies: Discuss possible strategies for a science-policy forum on the topic that looks at how we define this type of work, when/where it is occurring, successes/results
  • ISAB Report: on Critical Uncertainties and evaluation of existing research (update) and next steps for the Research Plan
  • Project reviews (wildlife and research): update on schedule for wildlife review
  • WAC - Operational Losses and HEP
  • Sturgeon – critical uncertainties and status updates
  • Lamprey – completing synthesis report
  • Threats to program investments
    • non-natives – zebra/quagga update
    • toxics – working with the CR Toxic Reduction Workgroup
    • predators – possible workgroup
  • Climate change –
    • temperature modeling update
    •  Lessons learned from extreme 2015 summer conditions: discuss interest and possibilities to mobilize mainstem data collectors during extreme conditions
  • Long term O&M Plan Investment strategy: Screens, hatcheries and wildlife projects
  • IEAB report: Long term cost planning for the Fish and Wildlife program
  • Program Cost Savings Methodology and quarterly reviews: status
  • Update on new solicitations
  • Biological objectives:
    • NOAA Regional Assessment Partnership – update
    • Adult Natural origin salmon and steelhead – where we are
  • Stronghold designations for non-salmonid species? (NEW)





Continuation of morning discussion






Continuation of morning discussion as needed and topics suggested by the fish and wildlife agencies and tribes

Fish and wildlife agencies and tribes and others





Continuation of topics suggested by the fish and wildlife agencies and tribes  & wrap up


Chair Bradbury