Dial in: 1 877 309 2074
Access Code: 886-352-281

9:30 am-11:30 am Pacific

9:30 am - Welcome and Introductions - Debbie DePetris and Ginny Burdick, RTF PAC Co-chairs

9:45 am - Sub-Regional Baseline Exploration Recommendations - Jennifer Light, RTF Manager & Annika Roberts, RTF Assistant 

Staff has commissioned two exploratory studies to think through the issues and implications of estimating savings for sub-regions in order to achieve greater granularity in our measures. This will be a presentation of those findings which will facilitate a PAC discussion of how to proceed with this work.  

10:45 am -2023 Work Plan - Jennifer Light, RTF Manager

Opportunity to collect early input on potential activities in the 2023 RTF work plan, which will be brought to the committee for approval at it Q3 meeting. 

11:15 am - Wrap-Up - Debbie DePetris & Ginny Burdick, RTF PAC Co-chairs

11:30 am - Adjourn