John Ollis

Manager of Planning and Analysis

John joined the power division of the Council in October of 2014. Since working at the Council, he has helped enhance multiple power system models including AURORA and the Regional Portfolio Model and redevelop the GENESYS model. During the Seventh Power Plan he was the staff lead on demand response and the analysis of cost-effective reserves and reliability. He currently is responsible for updating the Council’s periodic wholesale electricity price forecasts and marginal emission rate forecasts and maintaining the AURORA and Regional Portfolio Model. He also is chair of the System Analysis Advisory Committee and co-chair of the Demand Response Advisory Committee.

Prior to working for the Council, he was an analyst for Portland General Electric specializing in variable energy resource integration, integrated resource planning and power cost modeling. Before entering the energy industry, he was a mathematics instructor at Portland Community College. He has a BS and MS in Applied Mathematics from Oregon State University. He currently is interested in applying concepts from adaptive regenerative systems theory to his home, garden and community