In September 2014, the Council put out an issue paper on quantifying the environmental costs and benefits of generating and energy efficiency resources.

The Council has begun work on its Seventh Power Plan, which provides guidance to the region on resource development. The Northwest Power Act requires that the Council include in the power plan a method for determining quantifiable environmental costs and benefits and use that method in its analysis of new resource costs.

The issue paper highlights key issues and seeks comments to help determine the appropriate methodology to use in developing the Seventh Power Plan. The Council expects to release a draft plan next fall, at which time the public will have another opportunity to comment.

Comments were due by October 31, 2014.

At the December 2014 meeting the Council  discussed in detail the comments received and the methodology to use in the draft Power Plan.  To read comments received visit the links on the right hand side of this page.

To request information about the process please contact Chad Madron from the Council staff.