The Council held a webinar in October 2014 to give stakeholders and the public an overview of the process we use to develop our regional energy plan.

Power Division Director Tom Eckman describes the major components of the plan and how each element is developed. He presents an overview of the methods we use to develop and vet the data and assumptions, including the role of our advisory committees. Also described are the major analytical models we use, how they interrelate, and their role in plan development.

This presentation is part one of two that were given on the power planning process.  The second part is on Planning for Uncertainty.

Review presentation materials (PDF format)


  • What’s in a power plan?
    • Major elements
  • What are the major analytical steps in the plan's development process?
    • What models are used?
    • What role does each model play in plan development?
  • How do we engage the public/stakeholders in plan development?