Draft Sixth Power Plan Mid-Term Assessment Report and comments

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The primary purpose of the draft report is to check on the region’s progress in implementing the Sixth Northwest Power Plan, issued by the Council in February 2010. The power plan, which the Council revises every five years, forecasts electricity demand 20 years into the future and includes an action plan for acquiring generating and energy-efficiency resources to meet the anticipated demand.

The Draft Sixth Power Plan Mid-Term Assessment Report includes a ‘situation scan’ that surveys what has happened during the last two and a half years. In addition, key forecast updates are provided and emerging issues are identified. The draft report also includes a list of candidate topics that could be addressed by the Council in its upcoming Seventh Power Plan.

There also will be an opportunity to comment on the draft report at the Council’s January 2013 meeting. That opportunity is scheduled to begin at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, January 16, at the Council’s headquarters office in Portland.

Thank you for your interest in the Council and its work.


Stephen L. Crow, Executive Director