Please note that all sectors have been updated since the draft plan.

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RESIDENTIALdownload (49mb)
Lighting - Existingdownload 
Lighting - Newdownload (6mb)
Dishwasherdownload (6mb)
Freezerdownload (6mb)
Window AC Upgradesdownload (5mb)
Clothes Washers and Dryers - Single Familydownload (18mb)
Clothes Washers and Dryers -  Multifamilydownload 
Marginal Cost and Load Shape Date File (needed to run Procost models to update cost-effectiveness)download 
Residential Appliance Lighting and Domestic Water Heating Supply Curve for Draft 6th Plandownload (7mb)
Residential Supply Curve Housing and Appliance Unitsdownload 
Residential Space Conditioning Supply Curvedownload (15mb)
New and Existing Single Family & Manufactured Home HVAC Conversions and Upgrades to High Efficiency Heat Pumpsdownload (9mb)
Efficient Water Heater Tanks and Heat Pump Water Heatersdownload (5mb)
Waste Water Heat Recoverydownload 
New Multifamily Thermal Shelldownload (7mb)
New Manufactured Home Thermal Shelldownload (30mb)
New Single Family Thermal Shelldownload (34mb)
Microwaves and Ovensdownload 
Residential Sector Supply Curve Summarydownload 
Multifamily Weatherizationdownload (6mb)
Manufactured Home Weatherizationdownload (20mb)
Single Family Weatherizationdownload (18mb)
Consumer Electronics (TelevisionsSet-top BoxesComputers & Monitors)download (5mb)
Solar Domestic Water Heatingdownload 
Solar Photovoltaicdownload 
Climate Zone Assignments by State and Countydownload 
Housing Foundation Typesdownload 
COMMERCIALdownload (41mb)
Master Workbook for Commercial Sector Conservation Assessmentdownload 
Support File for Lighting Power Density Measure Workbookdownload 
Floor Area and Population Forecastdownload 
Space Heat and Cooling Interaction Factors for Lighting Savingsdownload 
Marginal Cost and Load Shape Date File download 
Measure Workbook: Cookingdownload (5mb)
Measure Workbook: Demand Control Ventilation Parking Garagedownload 
Measure Workbook: Demand Control Ventilation Restaurant Hooddownload 
Measure Workbook: Demand Control Ventilation for HVACdownload (9mb)
Measure Workbook: Duct Sealingdownload 
Measure Workbook: ECM Motors in Variable Air Volume HVAC Systemsdownload 
Measure Workbook: Evaporative Assist Coolingdownload 
Measure Workbook: Exit Signsdownload 
Measure Workbook: Exterior Building Lightingdownload 
Measure Workbook: Adjustable Drives for Fans & Pumpsdownload 
Measure Workbook: Efficient Lab Fume Hooddownload 
Measure Workbook: Grocery Store Measuresdownload 
Measure Workbook: Controls Commission Complex HVACdownload 
Measure Workbook: Premium HVAC Equipmentdownload (6mb)
Measure Workbook: Integrated Building Designdownload 
Measure Workbook: Lighting Controls Interiordownload (7mb)
Measure Workbook: Lodging - Specific Measuresdownload 
Measure Workbook: Low Pressure Distribution Complex HVACdownload 
Measure Workbook: Lighting Power Density Interiordownload (14mb)
Measure Workbook: Network PC Power Managementdownload 
Measure Workbook: Office Equipmentdownload 
Measure Workbook: RefrigeratorsFreezersIce MakersBeverage Vendingdownload 
Measure Workbook: Package Roof Top Optimization and Repairdownload (7mb)
Measure Workbook: Parking Lightingdownload 
Measure Workbook: Plug Load Sensordownload 
Measure Workbook: Roof Insulationdownload 
Measure Workbook: Computer Server Room Efficiencydownload 
Measure Workbook: Day Lighting Control - Windowsdownload 
Measure Workbook: LED Signagedownload 
Measure Workbook: Pre-Rinse Spray Valvedownload 
Measure Workbook: Street and Roadway Lightingdownload 
Measure Workbook: Day Lighting Control - Skylightsdownload 
Measure Workbook: LED Traffic Signalsdownload 
Measure Workbook: Variable Speed Chillersdownload 
Measure Workbook: Municipal Wastewaterdownload 
Measure Workbook: Municipal Water Supplydownload 
Measure Workbook: Windowsdownload (11mb)
Financial Assumptionsdownload 
Bundles all Lost-Opportunity Measures into Supply Curvesdownload
Bundles all Retrofit Measures into Supply Curvesdownload
Summary Tablesdownload
Measure Analysis Tooldownload
Description of Measure Analysis Tooldownload
Marginal Cost Data Filedownload
NWPCC Supply Curve Generatordownload (8mb)
Documentation on System Optimization Measuresdownload
Systems Whole Plant Optimization Overviewdownload
Agricultural Supply Curvesdownload
Marginal Cost Datadownload
NPCC Supply Curvedownload
Supporting Datadownload