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Pursuant to Section 4(h)(10)(D) of the Northwest Power Act, the Council has been engaged in a review of research, monitoring and evaluation and artificial production projects that implement the Council’s Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. This document contains and explains the Council’s recommendations to the Bonneville Power Administration for the funding and implementing of these projects for Fiscal Years 2012 through 2016.

Part 1 provides the background on the review, including the description of these two categories, the projects reviewed, and the review process.

Part 2 covers programmatic issues. As has been true in the past, the review of the individual projects illuminates a set of broader policy or programmatic issues that affect the Council’s review and recommendations for a collective set of the projects. Part 2 describes these programmatic issues and the Council’s recommendations for resolving these issues.

Part 3 of this document contains and explains the Council’s recommendations for the funding and implementation of the individual projects, along with a description of the form and duration of the recommendations. Associated with this part of the decision document is a set of spreadsheets that list the projects reviewed in this category, with Bonneville’s FY 2012 planning budgets and other information, and with comments about each project as developed during this review. The tables include a Council recommendation for each project, as well as conditions or comments to be considered a part of the recommendation, more fully explained in Part 3.

Finally, Part 4 will contain the formal explanations by the Council responsive to the specific requirements of Section 4(h)(10)(D) of the Northwest Power Act. This includes the written explanations required of the Council in those few instances in which the Council’s project funding recommendations do not follow the recommendations of the Independent Scientific Review Panel. The Council will also explain how it complied with the requirements in Section 4(h)(10)(D) to “consider the impact of ocean conditions on fish and wildlife populations” and “determine whether the projects employ cost-effective measures to achieve program objectives” when making project funding recommendations.