Thank You!

Thank you for your assistance in verifying the accuracy, comprehensiveness and user-experience of the natural origin salmon and steelhead abundance quantitative objectives mapping tool and the companion query tool.

Qualitative goals and objectives are not included in this database. You can view the qualitative goals and objectives in the archived December 2015 database, files, and mapping tool compilation located at the bottom of the Council's Adaptive Management - Program Goals and Objectives webpage under the Archived Work section.

Due Date

Prior to February 7, 2017 please email or mail your comments about the demo query tool and mapping tool to Nancy Leonard.

Reviewing Instructions

As you review these tools and their content please verify that the content related to each quantitative objective and population was correctly interpreted and assigned by Council staff. Also report any technical issues you experience when working with these tools.

Note: for some NOAA and Coordinated Assessment populations we did not find any quantitative objectives values so you these populations are not displayed. We will produce a summary report listing these populations by February 14.

Summary of Comments and Requests Received and Their Status

Excel File:

Specific questions for managers to consider and provide input are on the following rows of the above excel file:

row 5: Add to tool  the most recent status assessment determination on viability (i.e. highly viable) from the latest NOAA Status report. Concerns include that the viability status in isolation of supporting text may be undesirable.

row 41: Place  the MAT/delisting objective value on the displayed abundance graphic from the CAX-StreamNet tool. Can see example of graphic:

row 107: Should we add a field that summarizes within a MPG and within a Subbasin all the MAT objective values? If yes, how do we pick which MAT values to sum together for Non-ESA population and ESA populations? Perhaps ESA populations we can sum the ESA MATs, but what about the non-ESA populations that may have more than one MAT value?

row 101: Are there any objectives values above the min. viability value that we are missing?

row 110: Suggestions for simplifying the pop-up box /table content? Keeping in mind the database structure which may limit some options.

row 42 & 107: Suggestions for more informative graphics for the public to replace the pie charts? Keeping in mind the database structure may limit our options.  Some suggestions are provided via the listed excel rows.

Access Demo Mapping Tool & Linked Pages

Mapping Tool: /ext/maps/AFObjPrograms

Text on Learn More page: /fw/am/goals-objective/

Text on Report Corrections / Process to update page: /fw/am/goals-objective/map_process/


Access Demo Query Tool

Query Tool: /ext/query/afobjquery/

Query Metadata: /fw/am/goals-objective/query_metadata/


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