Evaluation of information is an intrinsic part of the program's adaptive management.

This evaluation occurs at multiple scales, including:

  • Program scale, working with the region, the Council will develop an evaluation process that considers new information to verify or adjust assumptions, hypotheses, goals, biological objectives, strategies, measures, and indicators. The ISAB's review of the fish and wildlife program may also contribute to this evaluation 
  • Multi-year synthesis, with input from the ISAB and ISRP, may request evaluation of data gathered over several years, with the evaluation approach overseen by those that gathered the data, to inform decisions and advance understanding supported by these data.
  • Project scale, annual project progress reports prepared by research, monitoring and evaluation project sponsors will include resultts and interim findings as well as describing benefits to fish and wildlife (see Appendix L for more details)

Consult the program for details on: evaluation principles and general measures


Existing and Ongoing Work

Council requested synthesis reports:


Past Work

Program Evaluation and Reporting Committee (2012)