The Technical Appendix, which is published separately from the Program, contains reference materials which provide further information and assistance in implementing this program. In most instances, these materials amplify the provisions of the program with information at a greater level of detail than the main text of the program. The materials in the Technical Appendix have been approved by the Council for inclusion in the Technical Appendix, but have not been formally adopted as part of this program and may be changed without amending the program itself.

The contents of the Technical Appendix are under development and may be modified periodically. The following appendices are completed or will be available soon:

A. The Scientific Foundation. This document is a more detailed discussion of the information underlying the scientific principles and ecological provinces in the program.

B. Artificial Production Review Report (text from the APR including policies and purposes for artificial production).

C. Project management and implementation guidelines, including the subbasin assessment template, the subbasin plan template, three step review procedures and implementation of statutory requirements regarding cost-effectiveness and consideration of ocean conditions.

D. Review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Capital Construction Program, a report of the Independent Scientific Advisory Board (1998).

E. Schedule of dates for reports requested under this program (to be approved by the Council following consultation with the affected parties).

F. Estimates of hydropower-related losses, consisting of Appendix D ("Compilation of Information on Salmon and Steelhead Losses in the Columbia River Basin") and Appendix E ("Numerical Estimates of Hydropower-Related Losses") from the 1987 Fish and Wildlife Program. Also see the original appendices to the Losses document.

The Technical Appendix may be expanded as appropriate to include other documents that will be valuable as references in implementing the Council's program.