In March 2001, the Council issued a request for recommendations for a mainstem plan for the Columbia and Snake rivers, to be adopted as an amendment to the Council's 2000 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program

As required by the Northwest Power Act, the Council made the recommendations available for public comment.  The Council is now preparing draft amendments to the fish and wildlife program based on the recommendations, on documents and information supporting the recommendations, and on the comments, views and information obtained through public comment and consultations with various agencies, tribes and others in the region.  The Council expects to release the draft amendments sometime after the beginning of 2002.  As the Council prepares draft amendments, interested parties are free to continue providing public comment to the Council and staff on the recommendations, and on the mainstem issues presented in this amendment process.  After the release of the draft amendments, the Council will conduct another public comment period and a set of public hearings on the draft amendments before adopting final program amendments.

The following comments on recommendations are in PDF format: