9am - 3pm

Purpose: To revisit the 2014 Program qualitative goal statements and to begin reviewing existing quantitative objectives for natural-origin/wild salmon and steelhead.

Who should participate? Appropriate staff from agencies, tribes or other entities who are interested in discussing regional goals and objectives

Remote participation (not recommended due to breakout groups sessions):

GoToMeeting or conference call 800-786-1922, code 17928867

Welcome and Introductions (Dave Ward, HDR, meeting facilitator)9:00
Purpose (Dave Ward, HDR, meeting facilitator)9:30
History of Program Goals/Objectives (John Shurts, NPCC General Counsel)9:45
Communicating Progress through Program Goals/Objectives (Mark Walker, NPCC Public Affairs Division Director)10:05
NOAA’s Columbia Basin Salmon and Steelhead Goals Process Overview (Bruce Suzumoto,  NOAA)10:15
Program Goal Statements for Salmon and Steelhead Overview (Nancy Leonard, NPCC Fish, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Monitoring and Evaluation Manager; Laura Robinson NPCC Program Implementation and Liaison Specialist; and Patty O’Toole, NPCC Program Implementation Manager)11:00
Breakout Discussions on Program Goals Statements (3 groups)11:15
Reports from Breakout Groups w/Discussion (All, led by Dave Ward, HDR, meeting facilitator)11:45
LUNCH (on your own)12:00
Overview of Objectives Database (Binh Quan and Neil Ward, QW Consulting)1:00
Breakout Discussions on Database Structure (3 groups)1:30
Reports from Breakout Groups w/Discussion (All, led by Dave Ward, HDR, meeting facilitator)2:00
Review Progress, Discuss Assignments and Next Steps (Dave Ward, HDR, meeting facilitator)2:15

Background:  The 2014 Program recognizes that the existing Program-scale goals and objectives can be improved to better inform the Program’s adaptive management. Thus, the Council, ”working with others in the region, including the state and federal fish and wildlife agencies and tribes, other federal agencies and the independent science panels, will oversee a regional process to survey, collect, identify, and refine a realistic set of quantitative objectives for program focal species and their habitat related to the four broad themes and program goal statements”.

What has been done: The Council is compiling existing ‘Objectives for adult salmon and steelhead’ (focusing on wild and natural-origin fish) into a searchable database that will be web-accessible.  This is being conducted by QW Consulting under the guidance of the Council staff and input from NOAA staff.

The Council invites you to participate in the first meeting to help refine Program goals and objectives task for salmon and steelhead and set up work to be accomplished prior to the next meeting that will focus on discussing and verifying the database of existing Columbia River Basin objectives.

Please contact us with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions leading up to the meeting.  We look forward to seeing you in June.

Nancy Leonard, Laura Robinson, and Patty O’Toole (503-222-5161)