Project (click ID for full proposal) Responses to ISRP comments
35002 Determine origin, movements and relative abundance of bull trout in Bonneville Reservoir. Response (5k PDF)
35003 Vitality based studies of Delayed Mortality Response (40k PDF)
35004 Harvest Model Development Response (20k PDF)
35006 Use of Mainstem Habitats by Juvenile Pacific Lamprey (Lampetra tridentata) Response (10k PDF)
35008 Systemwide Lamprey Program Coordinator Response (5k PDF)
35009 Evaluate Status of Pacific Lamprey in the Willamette River Subbasin Response (10k PDF)
35010 An Interactive Biodiversity Information System for the Columbia River Basin Response (230k PDF)
35011 The Floating Net Pen Transportation System Pilot Project Response (10k PDF)
35012 Spatial scales of homing and the efficacy of hatchery supplementation of wild populations Response (20k PDF)
35013 Species- and site-specific impacts of gas supersaturation on aquatic animals Response (50k PDF)
35014 Measurement of Quantitative Genetic Variation Among Columbia River Basin Chinook Propagation Programs Response (120k PDF)
35015 Replicated stream system for the evaluation of hatchery and wild juvenile salmonid interaction and development of innovative culture technologies Response (410k PDF)
35016 A Pilot Study to Test Links Between Land Use / Land Cover Tier 1 Monitoring Data and Tier 2 and 3 Monitoring Data Response (570k PDF)
35018 Evaluate recreational and commercial mark-selective fisheries. Response (270k PDF)
35019 Develop and Implement a Pilot Status and Trend Monitoring Program for Salmonids and their Habitat in the Wenatchee and Grande Ronde River Basins Response (20k PDF)
35020 Regional Project Effectiveness Monitoring Program for Columbia River Basin Listed Anadromous Salmonids. Response (70k PDF)
35022 Habitat Mitigation Tracking System Response (40k PDF)
35024 Evaluating the sublethal impacts of current use pesticides on the environmental health of salmonids in the Columbia River Basin. Response (70k PDF)
35025 Optimization of FCRPS Impacts on Juvenile Salmonids: Restoration of Lower-Estuary and Plume Habitats Response (20k PDF)
35027 Evaluation of Two Captive Rearing Methods for Assisting with Recovery of Naturally Spawning Populations of Steelhead and Coho Salmon Response (20k PDF)
35028 Evaluate White Sturgeon Nutritional Needs & Contaminant Effects Influenced by the Hydroelectric System Response (30k PDF)
35029 Transfer IHN virus genetic strain typing technology to fish health managers Response (10k PDF)
35030 Evaluate potential to enhance spawning of summer/fall chinook salmon in the tailrace of Chief Joseph Dam, Columbia River Response (10k PDF)
35032 Assess the Feasibility of Reducing Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia River Through Operation of the Hydropower System Response (30k PDF)
35033 Collaborative, Systemwide Monitoring and Evaluation Program. Response (110k PDF)
35034 Fish Behavioral Guidance Through Water Velocity Modification PHASE ONE Response (360k PDF)
35035 Incorporating Pit Tag Technology to Evaluate and Monitor the Reintroduction Effort for Anadromous Salmonids in the Upper Cowlitz Watershed Response (10k PDF)
35037 Measuring the potential for domestication selection of spawn timing in chinook captive and supplementation programs; implications for recovery. Response (340k PDF)
35038 Develop Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Predict Total Dissolved Gas Below Spillways Response (130k PDF)
35039 The influence of hatcheries and their products on the health and physiology of naturally rearing fish Response (20k PDF)
35040 Determination of post-release survival of spring chinook salmon in a mark-selective sport fishery Response (40k PDF)
35041 Monitoring the reproductive success of naturally spawning hatchery and natural spring chinook salmon in the Wenatchee, Tucannon, and Kalama Rivers Response (10k PDF)
35044 Determine Effects of Contaminants on White Sturgeon Reproduction and Parental Transfer of Contaminants to Embryos in the Columbia River Basin Response (20k PDF)
35045 Modeling and Information Management System to Assess Effectiveness of Alternative Actions Response (20k PDF)
35046 Estimate juvenile salmon residence in the Columbia River Plume using micro-acoustic transmitters. Response (60k PDF)
Response from NMFS (10k PDF)
35047 Evaluate Delayed (Extra) Mortality Associated with Passage of Yearling Chinook Salmon Smolts through Snake River Dams Response (90k PDF)
35048 NWFSC Salmon Data Management, Analysis, and Access for Research Monitoring and Evaluation Programs Response (80k PDF)
35049 A multiscale evaluation of steelhead supplementation in the West Fork Elochoman River Response (10k PDF)
35051 Evaluate Feasibility of a System-wide Multi-Agency Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Enforcement Web-Based Data Center Response (40k PDF)
35052 Conservation Enforcement to Enhance and Restore Fish & Wildlife Resources of the Upper Columbia River under Jurisdiction of the Colville Tribes Response (660k PDF)
35053 Biological Feasibility of Reintroducing Fishwheels to the Columbia River System Response (20k PDF)
35054 Engaging the Public in Watershed Planning; A Tool Box for Cultural Shift Response (5k PDF)
35055 Role of Bacteria as Indicator Organisms for Watershed Assessment and in Determining Fish Pathogen Relationships with Fauna of Abernathy Creek Response (20k PDF)
35056 Develop Human Resources Necessary to Exercise Co-Management Responsibilities Response (100k PDF)
35057 Habitat Condition and Restoration Potential of Columbia River Flood Plains: A Critical, Missing Element of Fisheries Recovery Science and Policy Response (10k PDF)
35059 Rapid Detection of White Sturgeon Iridovirus in Spawning Fluids, Eggs and Juvenile Tissues of White Sturgeon Response (10k PDF)
35061 Prophylactic Treatments for White Sturgeon Infected with the White Sturgeon Iridovirus (WSIV) Response (10k PDF)
35062 Impacts of Flow Regulation on Riparian Cottonwood Ecosystems in the Columbia River Basin Response (270k PDF)
195505500 Umatilla Tribal Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Response (30k PDF)
198201301 Coded-Wire Tag Recovery Program Response (130k PDF)
198201302 Annual Stock Assessment - Coded Wire Tag Program (ODFW) Response (20k PDF)
198331900 New Marking and Monitoring Techniques for Fish Response (60k PDF)
198605000 White Sturgeon Mitigation and Restoration in the Columbia and Snake Rivers Upstream from Bonneville Dam Response (20k PDF)
198712700 Smolt Monitoring by Federal and Non-Federal Agencies Response (4.0m PDF)
198740100 Assessment of Smolt Condition: Biological and Environmental Interactions Response (70k PDF)
198810804 StreamNet Response (450k PDF)
Table of Streamnet projects (150k XLS)
198906500 Annual Stock Assessment - CWT (USFWS) Response (10k PDF)
198909600 Monitor and evaluate genetic characteristics of supplemented salmon and steelhead Response (10k PDF)
198910700 Statistical Support for Salmonid Survival Studies Response (20k PDF)
199007700 Northern Pikeminnow Management Program Response (80k PDF)
199009300 Genetic Analysis of Oncorhynchus nerka (modified to include chinook salmon) Response (30k PDF)
199105100 Monitoring and Evaluation Statistical Support Response (20k PDF)
199105500 Natural Rearing Enhancement Systems (NATURES) Response (20k PDF)
199305600 Assessment of Captive Broodstock Technologies Response (20k PDF)
199403300 The Fish Passage Center Response (2.5m PDF)
199601900 Second-Tier Database Support Response (1.0m PDF)
199602000 Comparative Survival Rate Study (CSS) of Hatchery Pit Tagged Chinook & Comparative Survival Study Oversight Committee Response (40k PDF)
199602100 Gas bubble disease research and monitoring of juvenile salmonids Response (10k PDF)
199702400 Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River Response (60k PDF)
199803100 Implement Wy-Kan-Ush-Mi Wa-Kish-Wit Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan Now Response (40k PDF)
199900301 Evaluate Spawning of Fall Chinook and Chum Salmon Just Below the Four Lowermost Mainstem Dams Response (20k PDF)
200001700 Kelt Reconditioning: A Research Project to Enhance Iteroparity in Columbia Basin Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Response (50k PDF)
200002900 Identification and thermal requirements of larval Pacific, river, and western brook lampreys Response (5k PDF)
200005500 Enhanced Conservation Enforcement for Fish & Wildlife, Watersheds of the Nez Perce Response (70k PDF)
200005600 Protect Anadromous Salmonids in the Mainstem Corridor Response (200k PDF)
200100700 Evaluate live capture selective harvest methods for commercial fisheries on the Columbia River 2001-007-00. Response (270k PDF)
Response from WA Trout, OR Trout, Native Fish Society (480k PDF)