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At its July 2009 meeting in Portland, the Council approved to recommend funding of 34 projects in the Wildlife Category Review to Bonneville to implement the Council’s Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program in Fiscal Years 2010-2014.

This report includes two attachments that contain and explain the Council’s recommendations:

  1. Final decision document; and
  2. A spreadsheet summarizing the recommendations by project.

Both documents together describe and explain programmatic issues; programmatic and project-specific planning budgets; project-specific qualifications; and areas of potential cost savings.

The Council recommends funding the work proposed in this wildlife project portfolio, with some qualifications, to maintain the habitat units previously acquired in the program, to work toward full mitigation, and to improve the coordination and efficiency of monitoring wildlife habitats. The recommended planning budget for wildlife projects does not include specific annual amounts. The Council recommends a five-year expense planning budget (FY2010-FY2014) for proposed work which is a not-to-exceed amount. The Council also recommends a three-year capital not-to-exceed planning budget (FY2010-FY2012) for new acquisitions. The Council expects Bonneville to achieve cost savings as described in the recommendations.

If you have any questions on the recommendations, please call Lynn Palensky or Mark Fritsch in our office at 503-222-5161.