In February, the Council held a System Integration Forum (SIF) on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to explore how the Council might integrate concepts of energy equity into the 2021 Power Plan, as well as in future work. The SIF facilitators, Marti Frank and Hassan Shaban, provided a summary memo of the action items suggested by stakeholders, based on the synthesis of information shared either through the SIF survey or in break-out sessions. As a next step, staff has been sorting through them and asking for additional feedback from advisory committees in prioritizing them.

Please complete the following survey by Monday, April 26 (one week from today!) -

In lieu of a meeting to discuss these actions in each of the GRAC, SAAC, NGAC, and DFAC, this survey is a way for you to provide your thoughts on which actions are of high priority for the Council to incorporate within the 2021 Plan (narrative, potential action item) or as a longer-term goal for the Council. As you review these, you may feel some of the potential actions should not be in the Council’s purview, and thus please rank them with a lower priority.

I have also put together a summary powerpoint that outlines the entire DEI process and the potential action items identified in the memo, if you are looking for additional background information. The 2/19 SIF agenda page also has a lot of really valuable educational materials, terminology, and recordings.

CRAC/DRAC – If you are also a member of the CRAC and/or the DRAC, you will have seen a very similar survey already. Please skip the “cross-cutting” survey questions, and respond only to the questions at the end that were not covered in the CRAC or DRAC.

If you have any questions, please contact Gillian Charles,